Catering Services Department

Catering Services Department

The Department comprises of two Units i.e. Dietetic and Catering Services Units. The Catering Services is charged with the provision of Catering Services to the Inpatients of the Hospital, and also provides refreshments to the Hospital Guests and other Management Committees maintains three Guest Houses for the Hospital located at Ribado Road, Hotoro Board Guest House and Vamed Guest House inside the Hospital. The Dietetic Unit also charged with the provision of therapeutic diet to inpatients of the hospital with different ailments, counselling, planning of therapeutic diet to out-patient, teaches and implement nutritional care to both in and out-patients of the hospital. The unit also teaches students from different schools and Universities offering Nutrition & Dietetics and also NYSC.

The Department of Catering is made up of four units headed by Principal Officers under the Central Coordination of the Head of the department. Below is the list of the units:

  • Dietetic Unit
    • Inpatient Unit
    • Staff on-call Unit
    • Pastry and Special Order Unit

• Dietetic Section: This Unit prepares and serves Therapeutic Diets to the Inpatients with different illness, counsel, teaches, plan and implement nutritional care in different Specialty Clinics to both in and outpatients of the Hospital.
• In-Patients Section: This deals with the cooking of In-patients food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • Staff on-call Unit: This Unit provides food to the Doctors on-call duty daily and other staff on call in the hospital.
    • Pastry Unit: This Unit provides staff and non-staff coming to the Hospital with different kind of snacks for sale both in the Antenatal Clinic and Kitchen or order for any ceremonies. While the unit also provides refreshments to Management’s Committees meetings and visitor’s orders as the case may be. Furthermore, the unit provides hospital guests with refreshments and food.

The Diabetic Unit through its daily awareness provided lectures to different clinics and also impacted knowledge on nutrition to both in/outpatients. Furthermore, the department receives its monthly budget signed and approved in time by the management. Finally, I will not end this report without appreciating the immense support the Management gave the department throughout the year under review. 

hajiya maryam mudi
Sole Administrator Catering Department