Chemical Pathology & Immunology

The Department provides comprehensive biochemical diagnostic and Clinical services to this Hospital, other Hospitals/Clinics, Health Centres and General Practitioners.

The Clinical Duties of the department includes:

  • To ensure that the results issued by the laboratory are appropriate to the patients’ pathological condition.
  • To provide interpretative comments on the laboratory reports when appropriate
  • To suggest further appropriate investigations
  • To help in monitoring and control of therapy of individual patients when requested.
  • To assess and appraise the utilization of laboratory clinical problems of the environment and their laboratory data and problems associated with same.
  • Offering of a wide range for services for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of metabolic disorders, inborn errors of metabolism.
  • To organize and conduct, in conjunction with other specialists, dynamic function tests such as:
    1. Oral glucose tolerance test
    2. Triple function test
  • Dexamethasone Suppression tests
  1. Urine concentration/dilution tests
  2. Insulin stress test
  3. Glucose suppression test/exercise tests for growth hormone reserve
  • Urine acidification tests
  • Synathen/Tetracosactrin stimulation test
  • Other dynamic function tests are available on request

Other functions of the Department:

  • Therapeutic drug monitoring services
  • Training of undergraduate medical students, Resident Doctors and provision of practical experience to Intern Medical Laboratory Scientists.
  • Provision of Training of students on Industrial attachment from various higher Institutions attachment from various higher Institutions of Learning throughout the country.
  • Revenue generation through the Laboratory/Drug Revolving Fund Scheme.

Staff Position:

  1. Consultants                                                   -2
  2. Visiting Consultant                                                                             – 1
  3. Senior Registrar                                                                                 – 2
  4. Registrar                                                      – 7
  5. Chief Medical Laboratory Scientists                – 2
  6. Assistant Chief Medical Laboratory Scientists                – 3
  7. Senior Medical Laboratory Scientists                – 2
  8. Medical Laboratory Scientists II                                                   – 3
  9. Intern Medical Laboratory  Scientist              – 3
  10. Laboratory Technicians                                               – 6

Level of Performance:

The total number of samples received in the Laboratory for analysis was 42,725.  This represented an average of about 117 per day (Weekends inclusive).

Staff Development:

Two Medical Laboratory Scientist attended the Annual General Meeting/Scientific Conference of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, Benin City, Edo State.

Three (3) Resident Doctors attended the revision course of the West African Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria in Ibadan.  They also attended the Medical Ethics Course of the West African College of Physicians, in Ibadan during the year under review.

Two Doctors from the Department were also sponsored to attend the First International Conference of the African Society for Laboratory Medicine in Cape Town, South Africa.

New Staff:

The Department received an additional Supernumerary Resident Doctor from Bayero University, Kano.

Two additional Intern Medical Laboratory Scientists also reported for duty in the Department.

During the year under review, one Resident Doctor changed his Department from Haematology to Chemical Pathology.


  • Plasma N-terminal Pro-B type natriuretic peptide reference values of subjects without heart disease.
  • Utilization of oral glucose tolerance test in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano. 
Dr. Kabiru Abdussalam- HOD