Community Medicine

                                                                                 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE DEPARTMENT
1. To equip medical students with knowledge and skills to be able to plan, organize and evaluate appropriate health programmes (promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative). This is carried out in collaboration with other members of the health team in order to reduce significantly, morbidity and mortality in the community and also to improve the quality of life generally.
2. To train Resident Doctors so as to become specialists in the field of Public Health
3. To provide out-reach services in health centres in both urban and rural areas
4. To collaborate with other clinical departments of the hospital for the purpose of providing medico-social services for the prevention and control of diseases, and to provide social support to the patients
5. To provide leadership in conducting research, data analyses, interpretation and dissemination of information on the hospital’s admissions & mortalities, with a view to improving the quality of services offered in the hospital
6. To collaborate with Governmental and non-governmental agencies in the identification and provision of solutions to health problems
7. To offer post-graduate training in public health to doctors in different clinical and non-clinical specialties

Dr Musa Muhammad Bello