Information Technology Unit

The Unit handles all Information Technology related issues of the Hospital which includes:
1. Information Technology Management and computer systems management
2. Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software.
3. Monitor and maintain technology to ensure maximum access
4. Enables the organization to have the ICT systems, applications infrastructure and support services needed to achieve excellence.
5. Controls, through outsourcing relationships, all ICT operations to ensure delivery on time and within budget of all business related ICT systems and services to agreed performance and quality standards.
6. Manages the ICT resource and cost base of the business to agreed
performance and budget standards.
7. Develops and maintains the ICT strategy for the organization including initiating and managing, when required, development projects to refresh or renew all ICT systems.
8. Develops data and records management policies according to defined Government standards and monitors overall adherence.
9. Perform other related duties as required during working hours
10. Provides information technology services to the Hospital and the Hospital community
11. Manages tower construction, fiber construction, and wireless construction projects. Functions as DIT’s technical advisor for new construction projects city-wide.


Below is the summary of our achievement:
1. Provision and extension of internet service to Physiotherapy and Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Departments.
2. Developed a database for DMU, Histopathology and Audit Departments
3. Provided support to account staff handling POS
4. Trained more than fifty SIWES students from different institutions
5. Maintenance of systems and its peripherals
6. Installed Laboratory Information system software trail version in chemical Pathology
7. Conducted in-house training for some members of staff (Audit and Records Staff)
8. Provided Industrial training to students




The Unit has twenty-one (21) number of staff
1. Asst. Chief Programme Analyst 1
2. Principal Technical Officer II 1
3. Senior System Analyst 2
4. System Analyst I 2
5. System Analyst II 1

 6.Statistical officer I 1

7. Senior Data Processing Officer 1
8. Asst. Data Processing Officer 2
9 .Snr. Data Processing Assistant I 2
10. Chief Data Processing Asst I 1
11. Snr. Data Proc Asst II 6
12. Asst. Data Processing 1