Information Unit

Hauwa Mihammad Abdullah Head Information Unit




Internal Activities

  • Coverage of event(s)
  • Receive notification for events from management or the host department
  • The coordinator will assign for the coverage
  • The reporter will attend the event and write a news
  • He/She will submit the news to the production editor
  • Editor edits and publish in the monthly newsflash
  • Accommodation of guests

The unit received approval to accommodate Hospital Guests into a hotels/guests house.  

  • Request for reservation is sent from the management for the Hosting department
  • A hotel/guest house is selected for accommodation of guest(s).
  • A reservation letter is then sent to the selected hotel indicating:
  • The guest’s names
  • His assignment
  • Number of days to spend
  • Arrival day
  • Departure day
  • What they should be entitled to during their stay.
  • Protocol: the protocol officer is assigned to the guest(s) convey the letter of reservation to the hotel for booking of accommodation for the guest(s).
  • The Hotel will keep the original copy with them and return the duplicate to the unit.
  • The protocol officer request for vehicle to pick the guest(s) and convey to the hotel/hospital on the day of their arrival.
  • Protocol officer take charge of all the guest’s errand.
  • After the guest have checked out, a bill is sent to the Hospital’s Chief Executive for payment.
  • Master of ceremony (MC)/use of PAS/Projector/photographer/video coverage
  • Department/unit requesting for any of the above five (5) send letter to the unit head
  • Head of unit forward letter of request coordinator(s)
  • MC/facilities were assign for the function.
  • For the MC, he is directed to liaise with organizers of the function for the programme of event.

NB: the unit do not give public address system PAS and projector to the users in the absence of its staff. Similarly, photographs snapped in any hospital event is for the consumption of the unit only.


External Activities

  • Media Relation
  • The unit receive call(s) on request for interview with a medical professional for media consumption.
  • Head of unit/Information Officer liaise with the focal person/HOD on the area of need.
  • Appointment is obtained for the media correspondent.
  • Protocol officer or any Information officer available is assigned to accompany the media correspondent to the medical personnel.


There are seventeen SERVICOM Desk Officers stationed in the hospital. These are:

  • O.P.D
  • A & E
  • Dental/Ophthalmology
  • Radiology
  • Labor/SCBU
  • Specialty
  • Specialty Annex
  • Main theatre
  • NHIS
  • Surgical wards
  • Male and female wards
  • Catering services
  • Laundry
  • Psychiatry ward
  • ENT

                                                   COMPLAINTS AND SUGGESTION

  • Patient(s)/Client(s) lodge complaint or suggestion(s) to the desk officer(s).
  • The desk officer treat complaint or take action on suggestion(s) where necessary.
  • Desk officer contact focal person in his area to address/attend to complaint.
  • Desk officer liaise with supervisor/coordinator/ the servicom Chairman in an effort to resolve issue at this point.
  • Desk officer with the advice of the chairman Servicom, may direct the complainant to write an official complaint to the management for their intervention.  

NB Patient/Patient relatives used servicom desk to enquire on the hospital services and where to obtain them.