Pediatrics Department

Dr. Abdussalam Mohammed- HOD

The department of Paediatrics AKTH, Kano is one of the pioneer clinical department of the hospital that provides specialized clinical services (both Preventive and curative) to children from Kano and other neighbouring states and even across the Nigerian border. The department is fully accredited by The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) and both the National and West African Colleges of Paediatrics and serves as a training ground for undergraduate Medical students and Postgraduate Resident doctors. The department has diverse educational opportunities for medical students, residents, and fellows, and strong advocacy efforts for infants, children, and adolescents. Our clinical and laboratory facilities have attracted outstanding pediatric clinician-scientists from across the world involved in different collaborative research activities and capacity building.

The Department of Paediatrics has six units:
Emergency Paediatric Unit (EPU)
This unit handles Paediatrics emergencies of all types and is the main point of entry for all new patients. It operates 24 hours every day, covered at all time by a team of House Officers, Resident Doctors and supervising Consultants, Nurses and other supporting staff. There are 24 beds which are almost always occupied. It also has a consulting/resuscitation room and a small triage area. In addition to emergency
services, the unit also provides out-patience services mostly at night when Paediatric out-patient clinic closed. In addition, the unit has a 2-bedded isolation room, a designated Record and Pharmacy outlets serving both in-patients as well as outpatients. Paediatric Medical Ward (PMW) PMW has 25 beds and 4 amenities (Private) room, where relatively stable patients are transferred after initial resuscitation at EPU. Patients with non-emergency/ chronic medical conditions are admitted directly to the ward. The unit has a dedicated side laboratory serving in-patients admitted to the unit and EPU as well as out-patients.
Attached to the unit is a beautiful recreation park/playground for children recovering from acute/ chronic medical conditions to limit disability and to help in cognitive stimulation.
Paediatric Oncology Unit
The Paediatric Oncology Unit has 10 beds and is attached to PMW. The unit receives children with various types of malignancies referred from hospitals in Kano and other neighbouring states.

Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)
The unit is well equipped SCBU with a total of 35-bed capacity. It serves as referral centre, where numerous in-born and out-born babies with medical and surgical conditions are admitted. The unit is equipped with a dedicated side laboratory.
Paediatric Out-patient Clinic (POPD)
Paediatric out-patient Clinic runs every day from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and in addition, on Mondays to Fridays, there is also provision for afternoon clinic from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. After 4:00 pm, the POPD closes and all outpatients are attended to at the paediatric emergency by the Medical officer from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The clinic is run by a team of Medical officers (3 permanents and 7 locum medical officers) and a Paediatric senior resident on rotation. In addition to providing clinical services, the
POPD also serves as an avenue for the teaching of Paediatrics to medical students and resident doctors.