Pharmacy Department

DEPARTMENTAL FUNCTIONS a) To provide Pharmaceutical Care to all category of Patients in the hospital b) To provide qualitatively and cost-effective medicines needed for preventive, curative and diagnostic uses. c) To provide information on Medicines and related Pharmaceuticals to Medical Practitioners, Nurses, other health care staff, patients and students. d) To conduct research on medicines and medicines related issues departmentally or in collaboration with other departments. e) To train Interns and students
Head of Department


Drug Manufacturing Unit (DMU)


The DMU is a Small Scale Drug Manufacturing factory established for manufacturing and assessing the efficacy of drugs. . It is the first of such Unit in a hospital in Nigeria that has NAFDAC registered drugs for sales in commercial quantities. It meets the hospital needs in all extemporaneous (compounded) preparations, most Chemicals and Solutions used in sanitizing the hospital and some manufactured products like Paracetamol syrup…..