Psychiatry Department

DR Desola Shakirat Owolabi of Department

The department of psychiatry is responsible for the training and development of undergraduate and postgraduate students in psychiatry and related fields. The department has continued to pursue strong training of staff and the provision of clinical services. The department is involved in the training of both undergraduate
and postgraduate students cutting across medicine, nursing, community health, physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics, radiography and emergency nursing. It is also establishing a strong research presence in the hospital.

The unit is involved in the rehabilitation of client substance use disorder and other mental health challenges. The rehabilitation involves retraining in a particular trade, skills, professional advice on new trade or profession. The unit receive students from various schools for their entrepreneur training. The unit also produces three products:
1. REHAB® Air Freshener
2. REHAB® Liquid Soap
3. REHAB® Hand wash


The department started in 1994. The first chair of the department was Dr Ringo, Nigerian trained Tanzanian psychiatrist. It initially uses Kano Psychiatric Hospital Dawanau facility as its temporary site for both outpatient and inpatient care up till 2009 when it finally moves to its permanent site at the AKTH.

At present the department has 62 beds in 4 wards namely 1. Male Psychiatry Ward 2. Female Psychiatry Ward 3. Male Detoxification Ward 4. Male Rehabilitation Ward.



We provide training to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The training focuses on theoretical knowledge, Practical clinical skills, teaching and research in various field of psychiatry.


1.  General Psychiatry

2.  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

3.  Addiction Psychiatry

4.  Old Age Psychiatry

5.  Community Psychiatry

6.  Forensic Psychiatry

7.  Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

Emergency Psychiatry


General Adult Psychiatry Clinic

Clinic Days –  Tuesdays – 9am,  Wednedays – 2pm


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic

Clinic Day – Thursdays – 9am


De-Addiction Clinic

Clinic Days – Mondays – 9am, Tuesdays – 9am


Epilepsy and General Psychiatric Clinic at Kumbotso

Clinic Day – Mondays – 9am – Will soon have follow up clinic daily


Consultation – Liaison Services

Everyday 24/7 – to all departments in the hospital


Psychotherapy/ Psychological Assessment

Everyday throughout the week


Occupational Therapy services

Physical Therapy, Skill Acquisition

Everyday – to both inpatients and Outpatients


Other services

EEG, Urine Drug Screening Test, ECT & Social Welfare services