Security Unit

Functions of the Unit:

  1. To protect lives and property within the hospital premises and hospital quarters, to make the hospital conducive and peaceful for easy dispensation.
  2. To ensure compliance to the hospital laid down rules and regulations, and report cases of malpractices/misconducts and to investigate the cases where necessary or when directed by the management for further necessary action.
  3. To ensure issuance of identity cards to the staff, students and entertain cases related to identity cards.
  4. To establish a system of inspection, patrols and other periodic checks and improve the relationship of the three (3) Private Security firms to enhance greater efficiency in the discharge of their duties.
  5. To produce and submit security appraisal/reports to the Management for preventive actions or otherwise.
  6. To represent the management and advice on security matters to the police, SSS and other law enforcement agencies.
  7. To carry out any other assignment that may be given by the Management

Z. O. OMONAYIN Ag Chief Security Officer