Surgery Department

The year has been eventful in training, research and clinical services. Full accreditation was given to the department for Urology, General Surgery and Pediatric surgery training. The department of surgery has recorded many events that put it ahead of its peer both within the hospital and the country at large. The highlights include among others; 1. Improvement in the pass rate of post graduate trainees (residents) in both the West African and National post graduate medical colleges, and also in the final year examination of medical students. 2. Accreditation of the department by both National Postgraduate Medical College and West African Postgraduate Medical College. 3. Changing pattern of disease surgical disease in our environment has been noted through research carried out in the department, with trauma now leading in the most emergency presentation. 4. Neurosurgery services are now fully provided 5. The construction of the new Male and Female Orthopaedics, Burns and Plastic Unit has commenced and is now on the verge of completion to improve admissions in the department. TEACHING FACILITIES AND PROGRAMMES The academic programmes in the department were maintained during the year.These consist of Seminars, Journal Club Meetings, Discharge Summaries and Monthly Mortality reviews. In addition, the department joins the departments of Radiology and Pathology fortnightly to discuss relevant topics for the purpose of teaching and research. The various units of the department also have their specific unit activities. Teaching facilities are well maintained both in the department and theatre. The Accident and Emergency Nursing programme in collaboration in National Orthopaedic Hospital Dala is going on and has already graduated eight sets of students.  
Head Of Department