Works and Services Department

Works and Services Department

                                                  WORKS AND SERVICES DEPARTMENT

In charge of infrastructural development and maintenance of the entire hospital establishment. The department also is involved in procurement and maintenance of biomedical/Hospital equipment.

 A) Infrastructural Developments such as:

  • Building structures & Services
  • Drainages, Sewerage Systems and Incinerators
  • Transportation- Roads and Parking lots
  • Provision of water supply into the system- boreholes/management of municipal water supply
  • Provision of electricity and other related lightening requirements – Generators & Solar Energy Systems
  • Installation and maintenance of Air-conditioning systems
  • Service advisers on motor vehicles and transport systems


 B) Biomedical/Hospital Equipment’s Installation & Maintenance:

  • Theatre operational equipment
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU) ventilators and monitors
  • Laboratory equipment such as analysers
  • Dialysis machines and equipment
  • Equipment / monitors at Diagnostic Centres
  • Hospital beds / incubators

Standard Operational Guidelines of the Department

  • Staff should write a request indicating a fault
  • Works will see the fault and advise on the rectification
  • After assessment, repairs will be carried out by our artisans. The repairs beyond the capability of the artisan, he will diagnose the fault and report back to office.
  • The officer scheduled for the job will request for materials or called for quotation from service provider
  • Management approval will be sought on the issue for either funds to buy parts or service
  • When funds are available the parts/materials for the repairs will be purchased and the job will be handled.

NOTE:  All minor repairs and services requiring funds are honoured base on the availability of departmental imprest.


The department is headed by a Registered Engineer assisted by other engineers from various field of engineering, technicians and other supporting staff.  The department has the following divisions i.e  Electro-mechanical, Physical planning, maintenance and Biomedical. There are some other units for the purpose of achieving the set objectives of the department within the divisions.

The two major services required for the Hospital are water supply and electricity.  With the recent commissioning of Tamburawa Water Works by Kano State Government, the water supply has greatly improved and received little or no complains on water supply,The second major service is power supply and was being served via two sources.

The main is from PHCN that caters for all the equipment and provide the necessary lighting within the hospital and staff quarters.  While the second source is via our standby generators with various capacities ranging from 100KVA to 1500KVA.  We presently have 2No 1500KVA, 1No 1000KVA, 1 No. 250 KVA, 2No 500KVA, 3No 150KVA and 2No 100KVA generators that are all meant to augment the power supply of the hospital in event of power failure from Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

Furthermore, the Hospital Management is so concerned about the inadequate power supply to the Hospital and that is why the 11KVA medium voltage panel is prioritized for complete replacement in the 2011 capital project.  Though the budget constrained from Federal Government could not allow for the complete replacement of the whole 11KVA switch gear panel in this 2012 capital year.  However, we are still hopeful that one day the remaining 11KVA panels will equally be sourced and be put to use.

engr. hussaini mamman jatau
Head Of Department