Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy Department

The Department of Physiotherapy is amongst the clinical service departments of the Hospital. It is concerned with the treatment, rehabilitation management and health promotion of deserving clients/patients both adults and children. These services are
tailored towards curative, corrective and preventive care.
The Department is in direct contact with Bayero University, Physiotherapy academic activity vis-à-vis, B. Physiotherapy Programme, Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Physiotherapy (MPT), PhD, and Physiotherapeutic Researches.

The Department is structured under two (2) units:
• Out-patient Unit
• In-patient Unit
Out-Patient Unit
• Electrotherapy
• Gymnasium
• Paediatric Section
• Cardio Pulmonary
• Neurology Section
• Orthopaedic Section
• Women Health
• Therapeutic Exercise
• Fitness Program
In-Patient (Ward) Unit
• Medicine
• Surgery

  • Orthopaedic
    • Paediatrics (Medicine/Surgery)
    • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    • A/E
    • ICU
    – To assess and manage patients.
    – To participate in counselling clients.

– To organize and encourage Hospital-based physical fitness programme.
– To reassessed patients for appropriate referral.
– To liaise with other departments/units in the Hospital for quality care given to patients.
– Participation in outreach programmes.
– Organise Physiotherapy internship programmes.
– Organise Physiotherapy under/post-graduate clinical activities.
– To participate in organizing programs on preventive/corrective management of physical disabilities both in adults and children.
– To encourage clinical researchers in various conditions for both under/post-graduate studies
– To participate in Public Health awareness programmes on radio and other media.


Head of Departmen